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About Us

Hours of Service

Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (excluding statutory holidays)


1.4 full-time equivalent drug information pharmacists

Services Provided

Pharmacists in full member hospitals or community pharmacies will be provided with up-to-date information on drug therapy and related drug topics. The following services are available to full members:

  • Drug Information

MetroDIS pharmacists will provide accurate and unbiased responses to your drug-related questions. Upon request, relevant material will be faxed, mailed or sent via e-mail to you. In addition to drug-related issues, MetroDIS is also able to inform you of present-day pharmacy practice in a large teaching hospital, and provide background information regarding pharmacy/nursing policies and procedures, pharmacy programs and manufacturing procedures for specialty products at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre can also be provided.

  • Newsletters

Full member hospital subscribers to the MetroDIS service will receive a copy of the newsletter, Current Drug Topics, which is published monthly (11 issues/year). The newsletter provides unbiased information on new drugs and drug products on the market, as well as other current information applicable to pharmacists.

Individual subscriptions to the newsletter package are also available to hospitals outside the greater Toronto area, to individual pharmacists, physicians or other health professionals, and to pharmaceutical manufacturers. For further information about a newsletter subscription, please go to the Contact Us link.

  • Consultation Services

MetroDIS pharmacists can also assist full member pharmacies in updating/maintaining drug information resources in their area of practice. Our pharmacists will discuss with you ways to improve your literature resources, and the mechanics for an efficient drug information service.

Resources Available

  • ~ 300 pharmacy/medical texts
  • ~ 50 journals/subscription
  • ~ 3000 drug and disease files
  • DrugDex Information System (Micromedex)
  • online computer searching (e.g., Medline, IPA)
  • Internet
  • medical library at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Toronto)
  • access to medical and pharmacy specialists for clinical advice

NOTE:Note: this service is not available to individuals other than healthcare professionals. Please click here for information about full membership or newsletter subscriptions.