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Drug Information
MetroDIS pharmacists will provide accurate, unbiased and timely responses to drug-related questions. Upon request, relevant material will be sent via e-mail. In addition to drug-related issues, MetroDIS is also able to provide information on pharmacy practice in a large teaching hospital, including pharmacy and nursing policies, pharmacy programs, and manufacturing procedures for specialty products.

Our newsletter, Current Drug Topics is published monthly (11 times per year; 1 issue during July/Aug) and provides unbiased information on new drugs and drug products on the Canadian market, as well as other current information applicable to pharmacists and other healthcare providers. Individual subscriptions to the newsletter/website packages are available to any health-related institution and pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

The MetroDIS website contains helpful and up-to-date information for pharmacists and other healthcare providers. Resources on the website are documents produced by the Medication Information, Quality and Safety (MedIQS) team at Sunnybrook, such as Sunnybrook's IV drug monographs, hazardous drug preparation and stability charts, extemporaneous preparation sheets, medication-related policies and procedures, and drug desensitization protocols. Hospital pharmacy subscribers may use these as references at their discretion.